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How to get the Harman/Kardon Edition software on any HTC One M8

by Taylor Martin on

Last week, we saw the Sprint exclusive Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8.

As we saw in Michael’s unboxing and hands-on with the special edition One M8, it comes with a black and champagne paint job, a nice pair of Harman/Kardon earbuds, and special software which is said to improve audio quality. We can’t quite confirm the latter just yet, as he is currently going ears-on the device.

However, we can show you how you can “convert” your very own One M8 with this Harman/Kardon M8 mod. No, you won’t get the fancy paint job or a snazzy set of earbuds, but, at the very least, you can take advantage of the very same software the HK M8 comes with.

Take a gander at the below how-to video and, as always, proceed with caution (and at your own risk).

Harman/Kardon ‘conversion’ thread

Desktop Version