iPhone 6 camera to sport bigger pixels and electronic image stabilization?


Even though the iPhone’s camera has met a lot of praise ever since the launch of the iPhone 4, there’s no denying that new technologies like optical image stabilization have been ignored by the company in its last two releases. Apple’s obsession over thin and light has made it bring some alternative software technologies in the iPhone 5s, but these aren’t as effective as what we see from competing phones. Aside from the recent rumors that we saw earlier today of Apple implementing new technologies to focus the camera, we get new rumors that the company is working on some additional features on its iPhone 6 camera.

Rumors now have that Apple will bring a new type of electronic image stabilization to the iPhone 6, aside from also bringing bigger pixels on the sensor. At the moment Apple uses it’s self-dubbed “auto image stabilization”, which is really just taking four photos and matching the best parts of them into one photo. The rumors sadly don’t tell us how this new electronic image stabilization will work, but apparently this will allow for the iPhone 6 camera to be significantly smaller in thickness, while providing similar quality to optical image stabilization. When it comes to the size of the pixels, Apple is reportedly increasing the size of the pixels to 1.75 um when compared tot he 1.5 um of the iPhone 5s, which should allow better performance in low light.

The iPhone 6 is still rumored for a launch later this year in two variants, so let’s hope that both devices include the same technology at launch.

Source: Weibo
Via: MacRumors

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