Nokia “Superman” may offer very high-res front-facer

Front-facing cameras on smartphones are the bane of the photography enthusiast’s existence. While their presence is a necessary evil for things like video chat and the always-fashionable “selfie,” sub-par hardware has made using them a chore at best, and often leaves us with less-than-satisfactory results. Still, occasionally we see glimmers of hope that maybe front-facers will finally get the hardware they need to really do their job with aplomb, like HTC giving the One M8 a front-facer that even outdoes its main camera when it comes to raw resolution. While Windows Phone has seen a few efforts in this save vein, like the ultra-wide angle lens on the HTC 8X, today a rumor looks to what Nokia – or rather, Microsoft (man, that’s going to take a while) – could be putting together, with claims of a Windows Phone model sporting a five-megapixel front-facer.

That’s the same resolution as the One M8’s front camera, and while physical sensor size and lens choice will still make a huge impact on just what kind of image quality might be possible, the presence of a five-megapixel camera at all gives us reason to be hopeful.

Supposedly, this device is being prepared under codename Superman, and might be scheduled for release alongside a Windows Phone 8.1 platform update during the second half of the year. Unfortunately, this high-res front-facer is the one and only detail we have to go on for the moment when it comes to plans for Superman. Would it also have a high-end primary camera to match, or is this going to be one handset purpose-built for selfies?

Source: The Verge
Via: WPCentral

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