LG G3 rear layout revealed in leaked pic?


With last year’s G2, LG decided to shake things up a little with our conceptions of smartphone design, eschewing the common practice of positioning a handset’s hardware buttons along its edge, and instead moving the phone’s power and volume controls to dead center around back, right below the main camera. It’s a layout that LG came back to for the eye-catching G Flex, and one we’ve been expecting to see return in some form for the G3. Already, leaked pics of the LG isai FL had us believing that they’d be back for the G3, but would any big changes be coming with them? Our answers may have begun to arrive, with a leaked pic purporting to reveal the G3’s rear panel.

Let’s start with a little context: up there on the right you see an image claiming to be a G3 case. A couple days after that surfaced, this pic of the “G3” on the left here turned up, with hardware in all the right spots to match the case’s cut-out. While this shot of the phone clearly wasn’t taken under the best conditions, we’re also a little paranoid that maybe that’s an intentional effort to throw off suspicion, as something seems slightly amiss about this pic – perhaps it’s the angles, but don’t these buttons seem off-center?

Maybe we’re just being overly cautious though, and this really is the G3. If so, we see a slight redesign to the volume and power buttons themselves, but the most interesting detail here is what’s going on around the camera. Presumably one of those guys is the flash, but what about the other? We’ve heard heart rate monitor mentioned as a suggestion, but that might be too bold a copy-job for even LG. An IR transceiver has also been offered as a possibility, but the positioning doesn’t make much sense for that use.

Is this pic legit, or just a fan render in response to those case shots? And if it is the real deal, what’s up with that component here that’s not the flash? Hit us up with your theories in the comments below.

Source: GSM Arena, Ali Express
Via: Into Mobile

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