Oppo Find 7a unboxing (Video)


We’ve been hearing about the Oppo Find 7 for quite some time. Oppo itself has teased the existence of the phone, only to later confirm and announce it last month.

Revealed alongside the Find 7, however, was a slightly more tame version of the phone, dubbed the Find 7a. That’s what we currently have on hand.

Can Oppo compete with the likes of its biggest competitors, like Samsung, HTC, or LG? Is the Find 7a a phone worthy of your hard-earned cash? We can’t answer those questions with any certainty just yet, but we’ll be slaving away in our labs trying to find answers over the next few days. Until then, enjoy the Oppo Find 7a unboxing video, and tell us what you think of the 7a in the comments section below!

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