Possible Galaxy S5 Zoom pictured, gets new name – but is it real?


Much like how last year’s Galaxy S 4 gave birth to a family of related smartphones, we’ve been anticipating the launch of a few similar variants of this year’s Galaxy S5. One device we’ve heard mentioned a few times already is a GS5 Zoom, intended to outfit the handset with lenses capable of 10x optical zoom. The way the rumors described the GS5 Zoom, supposedly being much more slim and streamlined than the bulky GS4 Zoom, gave us cause to be pretty optimistic for what Samsung might be putting together here. Today we get what could be our first look at the phone, and hear about a possible name-change – that is, if we can trust this info.

There she is up above, with the source describing the model as Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom, distancing the brand from the GS5.

So why are we being so harsh on this news? Well, to our eyes at least, something’s a bit off about that photo. Notice how the lamp adjacent to the xenon flash looks too big for the cutout afforded for it – almost like a bad Photoshop job. And as far as we can make out here, there’s no shutter button. We’re also concerned with how similar the lens construction and markings are, compared to the GS4 Zoom – again setting off our photo manipulation alarms. And then there’s the source of this info: a slapdash, thrown together site that appears to exist solely to distribute this leak.

All that said, on the surface this does appear to align with some of those rumors. Specifically, it looks like we’re losing the bulky handgrip and that raised ring around the zoom lens.

Maybe this really is how the GS5 Zoom (or Galaxy K Zoom, if that’s indeed where this is going) will look, and we’re just being overly paranoid. But for the moment, we’re going to need a little more convincing.

Source: KZoom Unwrapped
Via: phoneArena

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