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Apple reportedly fails to hire Swiss watchmaker experts for iWatch

by Jaime Rivera on

With wearables becoming “a thing” lately, we’ve seen attempts from Samsung, Pebble, LG and even Google. The results are definitely promising, as companies like Motorola have figured out a way to make these watches look elegant, and not necessarily something that only a teenager would use. The only company we haven’t seen actually launch a product is Apple, and given all the rumors of the iWatch lately, we continue to wonder how Cupertino plans to differentiate its offering.

According to the Financial Times, Apple has been in direct contact with many employees from Swiss watchmaker Hublot, and has met little success in actually getting anybody interested. The report has Hublot executives speaking directly about the matter, and stating that:

“Apple has contacted some of my employees – I saw the emails personally,” Mr Biver told a Swiss publication, claiming that all those who had been contacted refused the iPhone maker’s advances.”

It’s hard to tell exactly why these employees haven’t wanted to leave for the probability of a better opportunity at Apple, but this makes it clear that Apple is working hard to head in that direction. Who’s next, Casio?

Source: Financial Times
Via: iMore

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