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Forget 3GB; 4GB of RAM already coming to smartphones?

by Stephen Schenck on

Right now, your top-of-the-line smartphone is going to max out at having 3GB of RAM. And really, despite a couple high-profile Androids launching with such expansive memory at their disposal, the adoption of 3GB has been incredibly slow – far slower than we saw 2GB catch on. Is that because we don’t really need 3GB of RAM just yet? Well, a little thing like that never stopped the tide of progress, and there’s a chance that the first 4GB RAM smartphone could be just around the corner.

We’ve been thinking about 4GB of RAM in smartphones since last year. At first, it was just general “the chips are here, so it’s only a matter of time before some OEM uses them” talk, but soon we were talking about specific models; the Galaxy S5, in particular, found itself at the focus of some of these 4GB rumors. And while nothing came of that, we now hear that ZTE might be the company to make 4GB happen, and it could be a refreshed version of the Grand S II that delivers it.

While the Grand S II as we saw it at CES 2014 packed just 2GB of RAM, the phone has recently resurfaced in China’s TENAA database with a listing that claims it now has 4GB.

Could that be an error? Sure, but keep in mind that this is China’s version of the FCC, and we’d expect official paperwork like it handles to be in proper order. Even if this is accurate, we don’t expect to see 4GB phones take off in any sort of numbers – like we said, 3GB is itself still rare, and plenty of current flagships manage just fine with 2GB.

Source: TENAA
Via: The Droid Guy

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