HTC’s late-stage all new One teaser looks very familiar


Twenty hours and counting: HTC’s all new One is nearly here. On this, the last day before the smartphone’s debut, we’re not expecting much in the way of big surprises. Certainly, considering how many leaks have revealed the smartphone in staggering detail thus far (and we must be up around a few dozen by now), it would be really something for anything to come in out of left field at this point. That means that instead of learning much that’s new, we’re instead seeing confirmation of things we may have heard earlier: like after all this talk about the new One’s specs, the phone snags a few benchmark top spots. One detail that also looks like it’s closing-in on confirmation concerns all the many renders we’ve seen of the phone to date, as the same imagery appears in HTC’s latest teaser.

To its credit, HTC is still putting up the good fight, refusing to just out-and-reveal the new One even in the face of so very many leaks. One theme you’ll recall from a lot of them is this screenshot of Sense 6, with basketball players, a couple, and some campers. That pic first surfaced in mid-February, and has been a fixture of leaks ever since, including the recent image of the phone’s retail packaging for Verizon.

HTC’s been a big fan of using pixelization to obscure the new One during its promotion – like you’ve probably seen already in those Technical Translations videos. But while those videos were low-res enough that the pixelization effectively concealed anything of note, this time HTC’s teaser is clearly using that same screenshot we’ve seen time and time again. You can see it close up below, next to a leaked render of the phone we’ve pixelated ourselves to match. The pixel boundaries don’t align exactly (nor would we expect them to), but the general distribution of color fits quite nicely.

Like we said: nothing shocking here. But it’s still nice to see confirmation of these leaks come from an official source, all the same.


Source: HTC (Google+)

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