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Is this Samsung SM-G750A for AT&T a Galaxy S5 Mini?

by Stephen Schenck on

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is just about to make its way to the hands of smartphone fans around the globe, and here in the States we’re ready to see pre-orders for the handset begin. Last year, following the release of the Galaxy S 4, Samsung introduced a number of related models: the GS4 Zoom, Active, and Mini (above). Will we see the same sort of selection for the GS5? An Active variant may be a tough sell, as the GS5 itself already offers water and dust protection, but we have seen some evidence pointing to a possible GS5 Zoom. What about a Mini model, though? The User Agent Profile for an unknown Samsung Android has just been spotted, and it may well fit the bill for a GS5 Mini.

We’re looking at Samsung’s model SM-G750A. The trailing A indicates an AT&T carrier edition (AT&T’s GS5 should be SM-G900A), and the UAProf reveals a 720p display and a processor running at 2.3GHz – that has us thinking that we’re looking at a Snapdragon 800. Yeah, it might be an 801, but if we’re going with this GS5 Mini theory, we wouldn’t expect quite so tip-top an SoC (despite how much we might like to believe otherwise).

What’s weird, though, is that we don’t see any matching UAProf for an SM-G750 with a Verizon, T-Mobile, or even Sprint suffix. Nor do we when trying any of the “open Europe” letters with which we’re familiar. That may all simply be a consequence of this listing being quite new: it was created early Wednesday morning. Maybe we’ll be seeing corresponding entries become available for other carrier/regional variants in the days to come.

Source: Samsung (XML)
Via: phoneArena

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