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BlackBerry keeps the door open for another tablet (but maybe don’t hold your breath)

by Stephen Schenck on

Over the years, we’ve seen many a smartphone manufacturer move into tablets. Some, like Samsung, take to the form factor like a fish to water, and tablets become an established part of their mobile lineups. Some, like LG, saw their tablet efforts go dormant for years, only to recently rekindle things. Then there are companies like HTC, which had some early dalliances with tablets, but seem to have moved on altogether. Where does BlackBerry fall in all of this? We had the PlayBook, sure, but that’s coming up on three years old by this point. Will there ever be another? Nothing’s certain, but BlackBerry’s at least entertaining the idea, according to recent comments from a company exec.

According to VP Francois Mahieu, BlackBerry doesn’t have any imminent tablet in the works – he says not to expect anything in the coming months – but the company has not dismissed the idea entirely, and that a sequel to the PlayBook could still be in the cards. Mahieu explains that BlackBerry’s simply not ready to go down that path just quite yet, and that the company may “need more time” before it tries something like that again.

When BB10 first launched we were optimistic for its tablet impact, initially hearing BlackBerry confirm that the PlayBook would be updated to BB10, but the company later reneged on that promise.

Source: Pocket-lint
Via: phoneArena

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