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Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs Galaxy S 4 Black Edition: hands-on comparison (Video)

by Stephen Schenck on

Galaxy S… 4? Yes, you’re reading that right; today may be the Galaxy S 5’s day in the spotlight, but with ever so much to see at MWC 2014, we don’t want to get tunnel vision here. That means going out to find other devices that may not be quite so headline-grabbing, but we’re still itching for a chance to see in the flesh. Late last month, Samsung introduced a couple new GS4 variants sporting the same faux leather look as the Note 3: the GS4 Black Edition. This week at MWC, we finally had the opportunity to see just how this late-to-the-game GS4 option compares to the original.

With no other tweaks like those Snapdragon-800-based GS4s received, this Black Edition is basically the same internal hardware we’re well used to by now. That makes this comparison an ideal opportunity to really focus on the evolution of Samsung’s design sense. We even throw in a Galaxy Note 3 so you can really get a sense of the iterative steps the manufacturer has been going through. Take a look for yourself:

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