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Samsung Galaxy S 5 vs Galaxy Note 3: hands-on comparison (Video)

by Stephen Schenck on

The Galaxy S 5 versus the Galaxy S 4 may be the most obvious comparison to make between Samsung’s all-new flagship and its previous models, but with the big 5.1-inch display, might it make sense to also see how the GS5 looks against a full-on phablet? That’s just the thought we had in our minds as brought along a Note 3 to this evening’s Unpacked event, armed and ready to see how the GS5 compares to Samsung’s current phablet heavyweight.

This year puts us in an interesting position, as we’re used to Samsung taking much of the features from its previous flagship – be that Galaxy S or Note – and continuing with them for the next models (S Pen stuff notwithstanding); first the Galaxy S 4 got a 1080p display, and then the Note 3 followed with one of its own. But this time Samsung hasn’t followed-through with at least one major upgrade, failing to bring the Note 3’s 3GB of RAM along to the GS5.

Of course, we’re just as interested in external changes, and the past year has really seen Samsung experiment with new looks for its phones, the GS5’s dotted back being only the latest example. Watch on to check out our comparison for yourself:

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