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Pebble Steel vs Pebble (Video)

by Taylor Martin on

We first saw Pebble Steel at CES last month, and we immediately fell in love with the hardware imrpovements over the original Pebble. We were a bit surprised, however, when CEO Eric Migicovsky told us it would sell for $100 more than the original, or $250.

Inside, they’re practically the same, save for the 8MB storage in Pebble Steel vs 4MB in the original. It has Gorilla Glass 2 covering the display, a machine-cut, marine grade stainless steel chassis, and a choice of two finish styles – brushed or PVD coated. It also ships with two premium watch straps: a genuine leather and matching steel band.

Is Pebble Steel worth the steeper price? Or is the original Pebble the smartwatch for you? Check out the Pebble Steel vs original Pebble comparison below to find out!

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