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Release date, pricing info surfaces for Geeksphone Revolution dual-OS phone

by Stephen Schenck on

Late last year we first started hearing about the Revolution from Geeksphone, a smartphone designed to run Android as well as Mozilla’s Firefox OS platform. The idea of dual-platform tablets is just starting to become a reality, so seeing the same sort of capability out of a phone is something worth paying attention to. Last month, we picked up some new hardware details on the model, and today start hearing about just how it could launch.

The good news is that the phone should be out quite soon, and at a pretty affordable price: Revolution is set to go up for sale next Thursday, February 20, when it will sell for what works out to just under $400 (including tax). There also may be an early-adopter sale, with the chance to snag the phone for closer to $370.

While that’s all fine, we also get a slightly troubling update about the phone’s dual-platform capabilities. The details are a little shaky since we’re working from a translation here, but one point that comes across crystal clear is that this isn’t a straight-up dual-boot situation. Instead, the phone will ship with Android, and users will be have to install Boot2Gecko (Firefox OS) themselves. On its own, that’s not so, so bad, but the way things are worded here it sounds like Firefox OS overwrites the Android installation (there’s mention of data loss and the need to back up), which if correct threatens to largely take the wind out of any dual-platform feature.

Source: Engadget Spanish (Google Translate)
Via: Engadget

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