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Motorola’s best Moto X deal yet arrives on Monday

by Stephen Schenck on

It’s not too often that we share with you details of smartphone sales. Sure, there are times like Black Friday when sales are the whole point, and sometimes savings are just too big to keep to ourselves, but few phones have had us following their sales quite in the same way as the Moto X. Maybe that’s because of the Moto Maker, and how Motorola sells these guys directly. Maybe it’s because of the pretty substantial savings that have been offered, knocking a hundred dollars or more off already low prices. For whatever reason these Moto X deals have captivated us so much, they’re not stopping anytime soon, and today we hear about what sounds like the best offer to date.

Next Monday, January 27, Motorola is offering $100 off the no-contract pricing for the Moto X. The sale is only set to run for one hour, from 3-4pm Eastern, but with limited stocks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see things sell out in less than 10 minutes, as happened with December’s sales. Even if you miss that window, all is not lost, as Motorola will still offer $70 savings from then through Valentine’s Day.

Keep in mind, Motorola already permanently reduced its Moto X pricing by $100 at the start of the year – combine that with Monday’s $100 discount, and we’re looking at an effective $200 savings, beating even the $150-off Black Friday deal.

And now, with all those wood back options available for just $25 a pop, the Moto X is looking more attractive than ever. Come Monday, it may be very difficult to keep that $300 in our pockets.

Source: Motorola (Twitter)
Via: Phandroid

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