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Amazon’s got a free $5 app credit waiting for you to redeem

by Stephen Schenck on

Are you a big Amazon Appstore user? The Play Store alternative arrived as a bold challenge to Google’s Android dominance, and while it still sees its fair share of users (thanks in no small part to Amazon’s own Kindle Fire tablets) it hasn’t really risen to the point where it’s a threat to Google’s position. Still, Amazon would love to see more of you checking out what its storefront has to offer, and in light of the holiday season, it’s handing out a free $5 credit for you to spend towards the app of your choice.

So what’s the catch? OK, fair enough: you need to be in the US (or at least connected to the US Appstore), and download an app – any app, really – between now and the end of the day on Saturday, using the latest version of the store. Then in just a minute or two, you’ll get an email confirming the $5 credit that’s just been applied to your account. Ironically, the big restriction is that you can’t be on an Amazon device – Kindle Fire users are excluded from the offer.

Even in light of those details, this is going to be a pretty nice deal for a lot of people. For five bucks you can pick up a copy of a high-profile game like GTA: Vice City – or whatever’s more to your tastes.

Source: Amazon
Via: Android and Me

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