How big should the next iPhone be? (Poll)


In the coming months we’ll have plenty of opportunities to discuss what Apple’s planning for its next iPhone. After making the leap to 64-bit with the A7, what’s next for Apple’s family of SoCs? What role might Touch ID take – and while we’re on the subject of that sensor with its sapphire glass cover, will we ever see the incredibly scratch-resistant material show up in a larger form, like large enough to cover the display?

But for the moment, all that’s on the back burner, and the focus of the vast majority of future iPhone rumors to cross my desk has been set squarely on the subject of display size.

tall-iphone-10And that’s not necessarily surprising, as screen size is a big deal to Apple and its users – or at least, it’s sure seemed that way. While other manufacturers are very fluid with the sort of screen size variety they offer – like Samsung going from 4.8 inches on the GS3 to 5.0 on the GS4 – Apple is a textbook creature of habit.

Still, the iPhone 5 and its 4-inch screen offered hope for Apple fans with their hearts set on a little variety, and if the rumors about 2014 iPhone plans end up hitting the mark, we could be just about to see another big shake-up with iOS device sizes.

Really, there are a lot of directions Apple could go – just making a new, bigger iPhone, or maybe releasing both a larger one and another 4-inch model – and a whole lot of different sizes we could end up with. Let’s go over some of the options that have been mentioned thus far, and then get your opinions on the matter.

That’s right: it’s time for another poll. The Pocketnow Readers’ Choice 2013 selection process really got this ball rolling, I just asked earlier this week about smartphone companies who really need to hear the fat lady sing, and now I want to see what you think about these iPhone rumors. After all, screen size (and similarly, device size) is a personal issue, and everyone’s going to have something different to say.

But before we get to the poll, let’s check out those rumors:

In early October, analysts were talking about an iPhone 6 that would arrive with a 4.8-inch display.

By the end of the month, we were hearing about a five-inch display, along with a resolution boost to 1080p – that’s actually a welcome addition to such discussions, as too often these stabs at screen size ignore the resolution component.

Early this month, we weren’t so much talking about a specific measurement as we were the idea of Apple having two big iPhone events – rather than just the one – in 2014. While not exactly spelled-out as such, that sure had us thinking that we’d be going the two-size route, with one new flagship 4-incher and one larger model.

And most recently, we moved back under the five-inch mark (but not by much), with claims we’d see a 4.9-inch display.

Sure, that recent stuff’s been focusing on the idea of a relatively conservative size increase, but why stop there? What about something more phablety? Well, now it’s up to you. Tell us what sized iPhone YOU’D like to see. Will Apple listen? Oh, almost certainly not – that’s just not the company’s way of doing things – but those of us here at Pocketnow actually are interested, so let ‘er rip:

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