Possible Samsung Galaxy S 5 metal frame pictured


With the end of 2013 now in sight, we’ve been paying more and more attention to rumors about next year’s models. We’ve got fewer than seven weeks to go before the CES kicks off, then it’s going to be the MWC, and before you know it we’ll have seen dozens of new smartphones go official. One of the most eagerly anticipated handsets is Samsung’s follow-up to this year’s Galaxy S 4, and we’ve heard all sorts of rumors of what to expect from the Galaxy S 5. One contentious point of discussion has been Samsung’s choice of materials, with rumors going back and forth on the idea of a metal body. Today we get to look at some pics purported to be just such a metal GS5 frame, but we’re not so sure about what we’re seeing here.

We’ll admit: the component’s outer shape looks enough like a Galaxy-series device, but from there our confidence in this find starts diminishing – and fast. The layout here isn’t really reminiscent of recent Samsung models – the internal parts of the GS4 or GN3 look nothing like this. We’re not at all used to Samsung putting a camera up in a corner, assuming that’s what the larger cut-out here is for. In the same vein, a bottom-mounted headphone jack isn’t something we’d expect, either. Also, the frame’s dimensions would suggest a handset that’s even larger than the Galaxy S 4, after the GS4 largely stayed consistent with the GS3’s size.

Suffice it to say, we’re less than convinced that this really is the GS5, but until we get a more reliable look at the hardware, or figure out what this actually may be, we’ll keep it in mind as a possibility.

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