Vine and Instagram on Windows Phone are bigger than you think


This is going to sound silly. But one of the biggest eyebrow raising announcements to come out of Nokia World today was the announcement that Vine and Instagram were releasing official apps for the Windows Phone platform.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t really use either, and not just because I’m on Windows Phone. I share photos and video via Facebook or Twitter depending on the subject matter. I’ve never had a use for either. Vine and Instagram on Windows Phone is pretty huge.

These are probably two of the top ten apps that are often cited as missing from Windows Phone by detractors that point to Windows Phone’s lack of ecosystem as a failing. Good to know we won’t be – how did a competitor put it? – “super-limited” in what we can do with our photos, even though we weren’t as limited as that reporter thought. That is a different conversation..

VineInsta_WP8It’s more than sharing

Even more than the ability to upload badly altered photos and videos to the Interwebs, this announcement means that two more big players are sidling up to the Windows Phone blackjack table and buying some chips (Dare we say “Doubling down??”). Every time another player jumps onto the bandwagon, that is terrific news for the platform that has gained a reputation as being a bit of an app black hole.

With more recognition comes more apps, and these are two pretty big pieces in the app puzzle. I have often said that Windows Phone can do pretty much the same stuff as the other two can do. Even if third party apps were necessary. It’s nice to know that these are two areas in which not only will there be third party options, but official apps as well.

Keep ’em coming

More importantly, this highlights Nokia’s ability to bring in not just the indie developers, but some big kids too. Nokia had has a long proud tradition of attracting new and establish developers. This shows that their attractive skills reach beyond the one-man bands. Well done.

It really doesn’t matter what big names come to the party, as long as they come. Another feather in the cap, or notch of the bed rail is something to be celebrated. I wish Google would finally acquiesce as Google is the biggest gaping hole in the ecosystem, but as more and more big names hang their hats on Windows Phone, others will inevitably follow It will be interesting to see who else comes in the future.

So, who do you think will be the next shoe that falls? What apps are you missing from your Windows Phone epicosity that would make you giddy as schoolgirls to suddenly have? Sound off below and let us know.

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