HTC One max vs HTC One (Video)


You might say this comparison is unnecessary.

After all, most people don’t need help deciding whether to buy a smartphone or a refrigerator door, right? Given the choice between a standard-sized handheld and a beastly monolith, most folks can tell pretty quickly which they prefer.

But it’s not that simple. HTC’s One is one of the most visible, most well-regarded smartphones of the year –  and so it would follow, in the mind of the mythical average consumer, that something called the “One max” should be even better – maybe much better, right?

Well, as our full HTC One max review revealed, bigger ain’t always better. That doesn’t mean the One max is a turkey – just that it’s a very strange beast, an unexpected evolution of the darling Android smartphone of 2013. Now that we have the two side by side, we’re going to take a look at just how the max fares against its predecessor – and hopefully give you an idea of which one should suit you better as we head in to 2014.

Sound good? We thought so. So turn up the volume and crank that screen brightness: it’s HTC One max vs HTC One time, and things are about to get weird.

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