Google Nexus 5 rumor round-up: is this really happening?


Is the Nexus 5 really going to launch tomorrow? Even now, at this late hour, we find ourselves uncertain. An October launch made a lot of sense, and rumors have been trying their darnedest to pin a launch event on tomorrow, October 15. If this is true, it means that Google’s forgoing the sort of high-profile festivities we’ve seen in years past – the same we expected for last year before Hurricane Sandy hit – and instead quietly adding the phone to its Play Store lineup as it announces things via blog post.

It’s anyone’s guess if that’s actually what’s about to go down, but in the interest of being prepared, we though we’d take a few minutes and go back over what we’ve heard about the Nexus 5 to date, giving you a better idea of what you just might be able to expect from Google.

d820-fcc-nexus-5-2Rumors of the Nexus 5 go back months and months, but for the longest time, they seemed to be grasping at straws, with no clear picture of just what the device would be. Would LG make it again? What about Motorola?

After a few more false starts, we finally got the lead we’d all been waiting for with the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat: in a video filmed on Google’s campus, documenting the arrival of this new KitKat statue, a previously unknown handset was spotted bearing a Nexus logo. We’d see this model surface again and again over the weeks to follow, but there it was: our first real look at the Nexus 5.

That led to some very nicely-done renders, all based on that video still, but we didn’t have to wait long at all for some new real-life pics of the phone to show up, and from the FCC of all sources. While even that was questioned at first, the phone just couldn’t seem to keep away from the agency, and we saw it return to give us even better looks at its hardware.

So, just what makes up that hardware? The Nexus 5 should run a Snapdragon 800 SoC, have 2GB of RAM, and feature a 5-inch 1080p display – all hold-overs from the LG G2. The FCC paperwork shows that unlike the Nexus 4, which had its LTE wings clipped, the Nexus 5 should support such high-speed data right out of the box. The main camera may return as an eight-megapixel shooter, but this time with optical stabilization – don’t count on any MEMS business, though.

d820-fcc-nexus-5As for storage, we could move from 8GB/16GB options to 16GB/32GB choices, though still without microSD expansion. We’ve also heard that those storage choices may be tied to different battery capacities, with the 32GB model getting a 3000mAh cell.

Pricing may attempt to match the Nexus 4, starting at $300, though that 32GB option might push things north to $400.

Beyond the Nexus 5 itself, we’re also expecting to see tomorrow usher-in Android 4.4. That release has shown a bunch of its changes in a number of different leaks, which you also might want to check out to help prepare you for this possible launch. Finally, there’s the possibility that a Google Watch could be on the table, if not tomorrow, than maybe before the end of the month – but that’s all getting away from the subject at hand. With any luck, we’ll have the full scoop on the Nexus 5 by this time tomorrow, so be sure to check in with us all day long to see what – if anything – Google has to reveal.


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