Rumors spar over Lumia 1320: new low-end model, or something else?


Yesterday, we heard the name Lumia 1320, along with the note that the handset had been under development at Nokia as codename “Batman.” We speculated a little about what sort of phone it might be, but not having anything to go on besides that name, our options were pretty limited. Today there’s some new chatter about the 1320, but instead of helping to clarify the situation, we’re left not being quite sure what to believe.

First, we have that leaked image above, purporting to be the Lumia 1320. A couple things are weird about it, though: it looks exactly like the supposed 929 renders we’ve seen, yet while those have had their clocks set to 10:20, this one is 15:20 – just like the renders we’ve seen for the Lumia 1520.

That’s led to speculation that the 929 could be renamed (renumbered?) before release, because we’re clearly not talking about carrier variants here, with both identified as Verizon models. Could someone be messing with us, just combining bits and pieces from different images?

Separately, The Verge reports that it’s heard about this “Batman” phone from its sources, who described it as a lower-end handset – sort of the successor to the Lumia 625. In line with that model and its 4.7-inch display, this phone would reportedly also have a relatively big screen, though there’s no mention of a precise size. This time, though, the rumor specifically mentions the Batman/1320 arriving alongside the 1520 and 929, contradicting that idea that the 929 and 1320 could be the same device.

For the moment, it’s not clear who’s right, though we’re leaning towards the word of The Verge’s sources.

Source: (Twitter), The Verge
Via: My Nokia Blog


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