Possible Nokia tablet pic reveals a kickstand… or does it?


Two weeks from tomorrow Nokia’s got its big fall event, when we expect to see half-a-dozen some new models. Sure, not all of those will be equally interesting, with a number of Asha models almost certainly making an appearance, but we’re counting on at least one new Lumia phone, and possibly even this Windows RT tablet we’ve been hearing about for so long. Once known by codename Sirius, recent rumors have suggested that the tablet will launch as the Lumia 2520, and could have a 10.1-inch 1080p display. We’ve already seen an image purporting to be the rear of a Nokia tablet, and while that model looked pretty plain, with just a couple logos around back, today we have a new pic to analyze, and one that might reveal a very different back for Nokia’s tablet.

While not even a complete view of the device, what little we can see here sure seems to reveal more elaborate hardware than that previous pic. Some eyes are claiming to see the trappings of a kickstand their; we’re not quite sure what to make of it – that strip does seem to be a little thin for a fold-out stand – but are intrigued by the presence of a new design, all the same.

The source of this shot is apparently the same behind last week’s Nokia “smartwatch,” and a little of that even shows through here. Remember those queer off-center holes for the watch’s strap mounts? The recessed bit on the left here – which we’ve heard described as a SIM tray but doesn’t look quite the part to us (at least compared to the component on Lumia phones) – has its own set of holes, some of which are oddly off-center.

Ultimately, it’s not much to go on, and we’re really just left taking the source’s word that this is Nokia hardware to begin with.

Source: CtechCN
Via: WPCentral

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