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Just how much time does BlackBerry have left? Projections don’t look good

by Stephen Schenck on

HTC may be catching the lion’s share of the heat today when it comes to under-performing smartphone companies, but it’s far from the only entity finding itself in hot water. BlackBerry may have a few interested parties kicking the tires and making some offers on its business, but nothing has concluded just yet, and for the time being, BlackBerry’s own financials are painting a seriously bleak picture, with the company possibly running out of money in just 18 months.

BlackBerry posted its latest financial statement earlier this week, and analysis of those numbers, as well as larger industry trends, suggests that if none of these buyout deals ultimately happen, it will take the company just six quarters to run out of the $2.6 billion in cash it currently has on hand.

In fact, that outlook appears so bad that it’s raising the possibility that the one deal on the table so far for BlackBerry – the one put forth by Fairfax Financial – may not end up happening.

Is this going to be the beginning of the end, or more of a fresh start? We’d like to believe the latter’s true, but BB10 was already supposed to be the company’s reboot, and look how well that’s gone over. Will we even be talking about BlackBerry in another two years?

Source: AllThingsD
Via: BGR

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