iPhone 5C Unboxing (Video)


Yes, yes, we know: Brandon Miniman already unboxed the cooler iPhone.

And we’ll give you that. With a fingerprint scanner, enhanced camera, and 64-bit A7 CPU, the iPhone 5s is definitely the more buzzworthy of today’s new iOS smartphone duo.

But the iPhone 5c ain’t no slouch. Granted, the improvements it brings over least year’s model are so marginal that it’s somewhat fair to call the 5c an “iPhone 5 in a plastic case,” but that plastic is a defining feature of the device. Never before has Apple released an iPhone with so many color options, and never before has it packaged it up like an iPod Touch, proudly advertising its hardware through the transparent box-top.

Also, on a personal note (as listeners of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast will recall) I haven’t bought an iPhone since 2008 – so this iPhone 5c unboxing has an added layer of sitcom-esque “very special episode” for those who get sentimental about that kind of stuff. Like I do.

Enjoy the view as we free our blue iPhone 5c from its retail bonds, then take in Brandon’s quick tour of TouchID and iPhone 5S/iPhone 5 differences, then stay tuned for much more on both of Apple’s new halo smartphones as the days roll on!

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