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There’s no denying that the iPhone is one of the most polarizing topics in the mobile industry. Rarely do you ever find anyone who will have mixed feelings about it. People will either tell you that they love it or they hate it, and that’s been a reality ever since its inception.

It’s hard to tell you why this is. Some people feel that the phone is too small, or the operating system is too dated, or the price tag is too high, or the lack of customizations makes it boring, and then there’s another significant majority of the market that chose to buy one and never returned it. Some are even by their second or third iPhone generation, and they’re not looking back.

You’d think that this only happens in the mass market, but you’d be surprised over how our own opinions differ here in Pocketnow. Some of us live in different countries, with significantly different life styles, and therefore, very differing reasons over why we’d want to buy an iPhone 5S/5c, or why not.

We’ve done our best to go through our personal reasons to want one or not, and this time we’re trying to base our opinion on the iPhone on its own, and not trying to compare it to anything else. Make sure you share your thoughts on the device in the comments as well.



Adam Doud

Contributing Editor

Truth be told, I am not an Apple fan. Far from it. I have never owned an Apple product, and I never really plan to. But earlier today, I saw Taylor Martin’s tour of iOS7, and I’m not sure why, but it made me stop and consider iOS as “not too shabby”. Now don’t get me wrong, “not too shabby” is not worth $550 and up in my opinion, and the phones themselves do little to spark my interest. These are not the phones for me. But with an increase in screen size, some time in the future, it may not be completely crazy for me to sport an iPhone as a daily driver.

I’d say more, but my universe has begun to collapse around me.

Adam Lein

Senior Editor

The biggest deal breaker for me regarding the new iPhone 5S and 5C is the lack of wireless charging.  Sure there are off-brand accessories, but they’re just as ugly as extended battery packs for iPhones.  I’m pretty surprised that there’s no NFC in the new iPhone either (again). What year is this now?  The 8-megapixel camera is pretty unappealing as well, now that I’m spoiled by 41 megapixels.  Granted, I might enjoy 10 frames per second high-speed shutter photos if it’s implemented well.  The multi-color LED flash is interesting, but LED flashes are generally so bad at lighting subjects anyway (compared to Xenon) I’m not sure it will do any good.  I also like the “gold” color of the iPhone 5S. It reminds me of Nokia’s old Vertu line.  I do like that the iPhone 5C is available in a variety of colors now, but they look a bit muted. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen them in person yet.  I would consider buying one of those if it were priced more like the $99 Lumia 521, which also does not have wireless charging, or NFC. At $549 off contract, I’m not sure the iPhone 5C is worth 5 and a half Lumia 521s.


Brandon Miniman


My wife, my mom, dad, both brothers, and my two best friends all use an iPhone. When I go to an Android phone, iMessage, FaceTime, and PhotoStream all break. Right now I’m using the Google Play edition HTC One. It’s the fastest phone I’ve ever used, and the display is wonderful. But it takes terrible pictures. I just had a baby, and taking good photo and video is critical. For me, the iPhone 5S is perfectly well-rounded. The iOS interface is still restrictive and not nearly as flexible as Android, but I’m willing to make that compromise for a great balance of other features. So yes, for now, I’ll be switching to the 5S until there’s an Android phone that is as fast as the HTC One but with a spectacular camera.


Jaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager

The iPhone was never a product I thought I’d ever buy, until Microsoft bailed on us with Windows Mobile 6.5. That’s the reason why the first iPhone I ever had was the 3GS, and that was two months before the iPhone 4 got announced. I’ve had every iteration of the iPhone ever since.

For me it’s never been about Apple as a brand, but because the iPhone met needs I didn’t know I had, way before others figured it out. Today my level of investment in iOS apps and accessories is so vast, that I’m obviously inclined to continue using it on a future iPhone. That said, since I already have an iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C is not for me. If the 5C was my only option, I would’ve rather stuck to the 5 for another year, and that’s something you should do too if you’re using an iPhone 5 and are considering an upgrade.

The reason why I want an iPhone 5S is mainly because I’m a password guy, and this phone finally solves my need to have to hide my phone to enter a password to not give it away. I’m also deeply committed to fitness lately, and all the fitness-oriented enhancements that the A7 processor brings are all things that I definitely want to try, since the iPhone is my go-to device for everything I do in the gym or on the road.

That said, I can’t deny that I did expect more from the iPhone 5S. I don’t really mind that the design didn’t change, but I do mind that there’s no Optical Image Stabilization on its camera, and that they didn’t make this device waterproof in 2013. I do feel that Apple is missing tremendous opportunities here, and I hate that we’ll have to wait another year to try our luck.


Michael Fisher

Editorial Director

I had so much to say about it, that you can read it in my recent editorial about why I prefer the iPhone 5C over the 5S.


Stephen Schenck

Chief News Editor

Apple’s new hardware is plenty attractive; I dig the color options, I appreciate a lot of the features, and I’m sure they’re going to sell like hotcakes. That said, there’s not a chance in hell that I’m buying one.

I realize it’s not very interesting repeating this over and over ad nasueam, but my objection to iOS is a very simple one that unfortunately seems to be very fundamental to the platform: I’m never going to embrace a platform that won’t let me run whatever software I choose, from wherever I choose to get it.

It’s just a non-starter. I don’t care if the new iPhones print money or tell the future; if you’re going to run a curated app store, bully for you, but without an alternative for me to directly install apps, you’re not getting a dime of my money. I just cannot in good conscience support that vision for portable computers.


Taylor Martin

Senior Editor

I typically buy the latest iPhone every year. I have for the last three years, as well as new the latest iPads. This year, that will not happen. One, there are no new iPads to buy. Two, the iPhone 5S and 5C simply do not live up to the hype. As I explained on Wednesday, the iPhone 5S is the least significant update to the iPhone lineup to date, comparatively speaking. And the iPhone 5C, which many believed would be a much more affordable iPhone, isn’t any more affordable than the iPhone 5 would have been, so it will not be the phone for emerging markets.

Will I pick up either one of the iPhones this year? I can’t say a definitive no, solely due to my line of work. But for the first time in three years, I won’t be lining up or pre-ordering either for launch day. There’s just nothing compelling about either phone.


The Pocketnow Reader

Now tell us about your thoughts on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Are you considering any of these devices, or would you rather stick to the platform or device that you currently have. It would be awesome if you also told us what device you have, or are looking forward to as well in the comments.

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