MyKronoz ZeNano smart watch: hands-on from IFA 2013 (Video)

The Galaxy Gear might be the only smart watch setting headlines ablaze here at IFA 2013, but it’s not the only one on the show floor. Fresh on the heels of our quick Galaxy Gear vs Pebble comparison, we ran headlong into the booth of Swiss manufacturer MyKronoz, where we unearthed the company’s small collection of Bluetooth-enabled smart watches.

The newest and most advanced of these, the MyKronoz ZeNano, doesn’t blow us away on the spec sheet with its resistive touchscreen – but it packs enough features to set it apart from the pack. Chief among those: a bright display, svelte profile, water resistance, ability to operate independent of its band, and a near-universal adaptability which MyKronoz tells us will allow the ZeNano to interface with any smartphone, on any platform.

We should see the ZeNano go on sale this fall; until then, feast your eyes on the video below, and feel buoyed by the accelerating pace of wearable-tech innovation on display here at IFA 2013.


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