WSJ: BlackBerry will most likely be sold by November

Less than half a decade ago, all of us remember a time when Nokia and BlackBerry ruled the world of mobile technology. Today, one company that didn’t sell smartphones five years ago, and another who was barely known for their dumb phones, now rule the market in such a way that one of the companies that pioneered the cellphone as we know it, is now already a property of Microsoft.

In a similar fashion, it’s really no state secret that BlackBerry’s future is to see the company becoming part of another. The smartphone maker, previously known as RIM, has sadly failed to surprise anyone with their BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and their decline in market share is so significant, that a sale is almost inevitable.

The Canadian company has already confirmed that they’re seeking strategic alternatives for their future, and starting today, the Wall Street Journal is already confirming that company board members are already seeking a “fast auction process” for the company. This could accelerate a buy-out as early as November of this year, and our hopes are set on the next company owner to continue pushing the BlackBerry 10 assets that we know in a way that will not kill another competing platform. Hopefully HP is done with mergers and acquisitions already.

It’s sad to see companies like BlackBerry struggle today, but if you’ve ever used a Z10, you’d kind of understand why this is happening as much as we do.

Via: Engadget

Source: WSJ

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