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One of the most unique and intriguing features of Motorola’s latest handset, the Moto X, is the fact that you can customize the appearance of the device to your liking, assuming you’re on AT&T. The online design portal, Moto Maker, allows you to choose between 18 different back colors, two front colors, and seven accent colors for your own, unique spin on the device.

Michael and I both had the opportunity to customize our own Moto Xs a few weeks ago, and the entire experience, although nothing truly revolutionary, was quite fun. Michael went with a summery, sailor-esque theme – royal blue, metallic yellow accents, and a white front. I chose a more subtle theme, inspired by a killer Lotus Exige S – black front, cement back, and metallic orange accents.

The whole point of Moto Maker is to have an individual experience personalizing your own phone. But one of the most fun parts of the experience is goofing around, throwing together absurd and sometimes quite cringe-worthy color combinations. So we took a dip back into Moto Maker to have a little fun. And Michael and I have put together a list of our favorite Moto X color combinations below!


The Class Act


Not every color combination needs to be off the wall. Sure, Raspberry and Spearmint are … lively. But not everyone wants to stare at bright colors all day for the next two years. For some, being stuck with a saturated color for the next 24 months is a tough commitment. For them, the subtle hint of white, Cement, and metallic black accents is enough to remind them they had a say in the design color combination.


The Minimalist


Some like it simple. And it doesn’t get more simple than an alabaster phone. In fact, one of my favorite phone designs to date was the HTC One X, and the only thing that would have made me love it more is if the faceplate had also been white. For a low contrast, super clean, minimalist phone, the white front, Chalk rear color, and metallic silver accents is perfect.


The Patriot


‘Murica. ‘Nuff said.


The Bold


Time to switch gears. Unlike the first two, some people need to push all hints of subtlety to the wayside in favor of bright, vibrant colors. Like with any passable sports car, if you’re not driving around in the brightest colors possible, you’re doing it wrong. So for this style, we picked the most vibrant, blinding colors possible: Lemon Lime on the back and metallic red accents, with a black front color.



The Sporty


If you spent a lot of your time being active, running, and playing sports, you need a phone that compliments your light, free, and action-packed life. For this style, we picked a Turquoise back color with yellow accents, not only because it speaks about your interests, but because it also probably matches your gym shorts and tennis shoes. And, of course, the white front is there because the black front is too drab for your upbeat personality.


The Outdoorsy


If you’re wiping wood chips and mud off your flannel shirt while reading this, outdoorsy probably describes you a little too well. Your wardrobe is filled with drab tones, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You probably rock those tactical pants like Bear Grylls. Speaking of, you probably have a Bear Grylls combat knife on your belt that you’ve sharpened a half dozens times … this week. If any of this describes you, the Olive back color and metallic orange accents will definitely suit you and your rugged lifestyle. That is, if you even have a phone.


The Buzz Kill


Come on, man. Loosen up. There are hundreds of choices and you go with all black … everything? It’s time you flex those creative muscles.


The Socialite


Do you spend hours on Facebook and Twitter every day, talking to your friends, posting hilarious Someecards, and liking every photo of a cat that hits your feed? Are you upset an honest Facebook phone still hasn’t happened yet? This color combo was made for you. The Royal Blue rear color with a white front looks like Facebook itself designed this phone. Throw in a little metallic blue accents for an ode to Twitter, and this color combination screams, “I spend my life on social media. All of it.


The Nonconformist


Some people simply need to break from the rigid routine of a typical life. Nothing says “I’m fun and spunky” like a Raspberry colored smartphone with metallic yellow accents. I do what I want.


The Biz Profesh

the-biz-profeshAs cool as bright colors may be, there’s nothing more embarrassing than pulling a bright red phone out of your suit jacket at a business meeting. Your phone says a lot about you. Leave the flashy stuff for your weekend car, and go with something a little more professional with your phone choice, like a white front, sleek black rear, and silver trim.

It’s classy, unique, and, of course, professional.


There are literally hundreds of other possible combinations, and we could go on for days. Instead, we’d rather you share your favorite color combination in the comments section below! Go ahead, get creative.

Michael Fisher contributed to this post.

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