Who needs a Moto X? Here’s what a mahogany Nexus 4 looks like (Video)

There was a time when a phone was just a phone. Nowadays we want to customize them. We want to personalize them. We want them in all kinds of different colors.

After Motorola started hinting that its Moto X would be available in a wood finish, dbrand got to work. Pocketnow’s Taylor Martin and I both have a few products from dbrand, Inc. which we’ve shown off on Pocketnow Live and talked about on Pocketnow Weekly. On August 19th, 2013, dbrand announced on its Facebook page that mahogany was coming to the Nexus 4. I whipped out my wallet and threw my money at the product. Yesterday it arrived.

The product comes in very modest packaging, but I’m told that’s one way the company saves on postage — those savings are then passed along to you. From there, all you have to do is clean your phone, peel the backing away, line it up, and press it in place.

Many have voiced concerns that this looks difficult to apply.  If you’re comparing this to a screen protector installation, it’s not. It’s much, much easier. It’s not. I’ve now installed three (two on my Nexus 4 and one on my wife’s), each one was much easier than I’d expected.

But enough with all the talk! Here’s how you can make your Nexus 4 look like a mahogany Moto X!

If you missed what happens when your Nexus 4 is just too slippery and gravity takes over, you can see the aftermath of my Nexus 4 destruction. You may want to have a tissue handy.

Looking for the Moto X wallpapers? You can download them here.

If you’d like a mahogany back cover for your own device, head over to dbrand’s website and order one — or three! Make sure you tell them Joe at Pocketnow sent you.

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