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Not long ago our own Anton D. Nagy told us “there’s no such thing as a perfect smartphone”. He’s absolutely right — and completely wrong.

I, like Tony, have a stack of smartphones that I can call upon at any given time. Some have HD screens. Some have LTE. Some have removable batteries. Some can accept SD cards. Some have a slide-out keyboard. Some include a high-end camera. What none of them have is a perfect combination of everything.

None of the smartphones I own has everything. Each is always lacking one thing or another. And just when I feel like the next device is going to have everything, it doesn’t. Sure, it gets close, but it’s lacking in one or two key areas. Or is it?

“… there’s no such thing as a perfect smartphone, yet … “ — Anton


The problem with perfection is that it’s a moving target. By definition, perfection is not achievable. What we need to do is redefine the term.

Model T Ford

The Model-T Ford: available in any color you want — as long as it’s black.

“Perfect” is (and should be) something very personal, intimate even. What is “perfect” to me isn’t (and shouldn’t) be perfect for you. Even if a device that meets my definition of “perfect” is exactly the same as a device that you have selected, our reasons for selecting it as “perfect” are going to differ. That’s a good thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing.

When Henry Ford came out with his automobile, it was “perfect”, you could even get it in whatever color you wanted — as long as that color was black. Today, the Model-T is far from perfect. Even in its heyday it had its set of problems, and it even had competition, too! That means it wasn’t perfect, right?


The Model-T served as the very model of perfection! It was the framework upon which other designs were introduced. It was converted into delivery trucks, flatbed trucks, passenger coaches, and countless other permutations. I’ve even seen a Model-T converted into a very specialized lumber milling machine! It was this adaptability and expandability that made it perfect.

Fast-forward to today, and switch over to smartphones… Unlike back in Ford’s era, we’re not limited to one device or even one platform upon which to build our own personal, individual solutions. Instead we have dozens upon dozens of devices to choose from. This seemingly endless array of choices may lead us to believe that “the perfect smartphone” is out there, waiting for us to find it… or if it’s not there now, it’s “just around the corner”.

Tremors, on top of Chang's roof

You guys just do what you do best. Find something simple and complicate it! — Burt Gummer

With that kind of approach…

… you’ll never find perfection.

Instead, look for a solution that will meet your needs. Devise a rubric, if you must, to rank your wants and needs according to your priorities. Once you’ve determined what you actually “need”, finding the device that best fits your needs is just a matter of research.

Trust me, it’s out there

or do without

We talk about this type of thing all the time on the Pocketnow Weekly. A few of us get together and talk about news, devices, and the future of mobile technology. We always butt heads. Why? Everyone is different, and hearing about why one thing is better than another (especially when you hear it from so many different perspectives) will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each device — as it applies to you.

The difference between a “perfect” phone, and whatever you’re carrying around with you now is simply the differentiation of “wants” versus “needs”. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you’ll never find perfection. Instead, determine what you really need, then find the device that meets all of those. That’s your “perfect” phone. What’s more, your resulting list will probably contain several phones that would be “perfect” for you. Sure, one device might do something better than the others, and vice versa. However, at that point, you’re just arguing about which one is “more perfect” than the others.

Put simply, you can already buy the “perfect” smartphone. You just need to know what you’re really looking for.

Your turn

Have you found your perfect phone? Is it what you’re using as your current daily driver. Let me know what you think is your “perfect phone” in the comments!

Image Credits: Paranoia by Relativity Media; Model-T by Acton Ford BlogTremors by Universal Studios; Quote Factory

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