Microsoft Surface 2 sans RT pops up in logs alongside possible Nokia slates


According to a recent Adduplex blog post, there are a couple of new devices that have accessed its Windows ad network. Among them, two Microsoft names have popped up: first is the  Microsoft Corporation Surface 2, which could very well be the follow-up to the Microsoft Surface RT. We’ve given it the After the Buzz treatment recently but after the entire fiasco, the Redmond-company might opt to ditch the “RT” from the tablet’s name altogether. Second is the “Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro”, which could either be the next-gen Surface Pro, or a Surface Pro running a build of Windows 8.1 of some sort.

Then there are a couple of codenames believed to belong to Nokia. RX-107, -108, -113, -114, -115, and -116, are either two separate devices, or, according to the blog post, “one device progressing through development stages”. Rumor has it the Finns are working on a Windows RT-powered tablet, codenamed “Sirius”, so this might be one of the numbers (or more) above.

Source: Adduplex
Via: The Verge

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