A tour of 6tag, Windows Phone’s new, awesome Instagram app (Video)


The news broke last night, and relief crashed over me in an awesome wave.

6tag, the latest and greatest in 2013’s “unofficial” lineup of Instagram clients for Windows Phone, isn’t just another third-party title. The app (from noted developer Rudy Huyn) fills gaps that the earlier Instance doesn’t yet, most notably video-recording functionality and support for original filters and borders. It supports a broader array of Live Tiles and cross-posting ability to more social networks. And, according to WPCentral, it’s “the first 100% API compliant Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 devices.”

That means that not only is 6tag functionally superior to every other third-party Instagram client out there, but it (theoretically) stands less chance of being arbitrarily disabled by the folks behind the world’s highest-profile photo-sharing service. While it might seem ludicrous to harp on such small comfort, Windows Phone users have become accustomed to making the most out of very little when it comes to Instagram news.

So, how does this shiny addition to the Windows Store fare? We decided to take it for a spin to find out. We downloaded 6tag to our new Samsung ATIV S Neo, putting it side-by-side with Instance on our Lumia 1020 to see just how much improvement there really is here. Watch the video below for a quick recap of what we discovered, and then follow Pocketnow on Instagram while you’re deciding whether to drop some coin on this bright new star in the Microsoft space. Instagram for Windows Phone, folks: little by little, thanks to efforts like this, we’re getting there.


Original story source: WPCentral


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