Microsoft and Google – grow up!


I have two kids. We’ll call them Adam Jr. and Adam III. They fight. They fight a lot. As a parent, it is my job to break up these fights and love them unconditionally, even as I put them in time out and count the grey hairs. As mobile technology enthusiasts, dear readers, you also have two children. Let’s call them Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft and Google are going through a hard time right now. They’re step-children whose parents got married and are now Microsoft is forced to live in Google’s room. Neither of them like it. And they’re fighting…constantly…and all you want to do is put them down for a nap so you can watch reruns of the Brady Bunch in peace. Ironically.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Because these babies are gargantuan in size but still have the intellect of 2 year olds. As a matter of fact, to those of you who are familiar with pretty bad movies from the 90’s, this should look familiar.

This is probably  the most accurate representation of Microsoft and Google in history

This is probably the most accurate representation of Microsoft and Google in history

And so should this.

Google and Microsoft, daddy loves you, but for the love of God and everything holy, stop it! You’re acting like petulant children and the only thing you’re proving is that neither of you deserves ice cream tonight. Microsoft, if you’re violating the TOS, just overpay some developer to write out that code. Google, you’re the big kid on this playground, and no one likes a bully. So play nice, and let the four percent player have the ball every now and then.

And please, both of you, stop fighting because the only losers here are the users – your customers. Of course, the part where this analogy falls apart is where we, the “parents”, would actually do something about this fighting. We can’t. So grow up you two. You’re embarrassing yourselves and you’re making us angry. We’re gonna start stomping our feet and holding our breath until…


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Leader Image source: Mortal Kombat Wikia
Image and video courtesy of New Line Cinema

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