Nokia’s advertising of the Lumia 1020 is non existent and sad


Since the launch of the Lumia 1020, I have been eagerly awaiting the advertising bonanza that was sure to follow the release of the ultimate smartphone camera ever seen by humans. There was a ton of build up before the event. Balloons, and medals, and tea bags. So I was excited to see what Nokia would bring to the masses to demonstrate the epic that is the Lumia 1020.

I’m kinda still waiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just one guy in one city in the entire world. Sure I watch an unhealthy amount of TV. Yes, I stream gigabytes of Youtube, Netflix, and Vimeo per month. But I’m just one guy. I must’ve just missed it. Right?

Is anybody out there?

So I reached out to my colleagues here at Pocketnow and I asked them, “So guys, surely I must be just missing out on the largest advertising blitz to ever grace the interwebs. After all, Chicago is only the third largest city in the US, so they just must not have gotten here yet, right?”

As the replies started to roll in, there was a common theme. None. Nadda. Nope. What’s a Lumia? Zilch. Only Micheal Fisher reported in the affirmative.

“TV ads up the wazoo…15 to 30 second shots talking up the yellow edition’s camera…was asked last night ‘oh is that the new Lumia thing?”

So it seems, like so much else in the United States, you’re going to get exposure to everything you could ever want anywhere in the US, as long as it’s on the east coast within 100 miles of New York. Ok, so I’m a little bitter (‘Second City’ indeed. Eh, I’ll get over it).

But there is hope. The other day, after my brief but epic encounter with the Stanley cup, I was showing off the photos on my Lumia 920, and my mother of all people says “Is that the one that takes pictures at the concert?” Umm what? “The one where you can take a picture and zoom in?” Ohhh.  Well, no, but you’ve seen something?!?! So apparently these commercials exist…somewhere. Granted it is the summer, so maybe the TV ads will start once the new shows start rolling out. Maybe.

pie_chart_3dQuantity vs. quality

All of this is anecdotal. “Have I seen? Have you seen?” I don’t have the spreadsheets or the projections that undoubtedly adorn the whiteboards of our Finnish friends. But at the end of the day, anecdotal evidence is really what determines a marketing campaign’s success. If people are relating stories about these great commercials they’ve seen, it’s working. If they’re not, regardless of what your pie chart says, it’s not.

Overall, I haven’t heard a thing about the Lumia 1020, and neither has most anyone else. Much of the Windows Phone advertising that I’ve seen has been in product placement. As  noted above, it is only summer, but I was hoping given the buildup, given the hype, that Nokia would have a big advertising push afterward to market this incredible phone. But it just hasn’t happened. And that’s not cool.

The new Lumia is awesome, but don't tell anyone. Pass it on.

The new Lumia is awesome, but don’t tell anyone. Pass it on.

An awesome secret

People really need to know about this thing. It is incredibly incredible. There are features on this camera that you simply cannot get anywhere else. At a party the other day, I was talking with a friend about her iPhone and her desire to upgrade. She asked me what’s the best camera phone out there, because that’s what she does with her phone most – take pictures. So I smiled broadly and said “Why the Lumia 1020, of course.” Her response was a deflating “Oh really? What’s that.” Oy… I seriously started having webOS flashbacks.

Nokia really has an opportunity to remake a name for themselves in the smartphone industry. Some point to the Windows Phone operating system and call it a weakness. The correct response to that criticism is, “Who cares?” This is the best hardware you will find in the history of earth. But Nokia isn’t sending that message meaningfully outside of a small cluster of urban centers on the east coast. Of course, I can’t speak for beyond the US, but considering the ROW roll out hasn’t happened yet, it’s quite the moot point.

World, Lumia. Lumia, world.

Nokia, you need to allow the rest of the country to know this phone. You have given us a great gift and you haven’t told anyone that it’s under the tree waiting to be opened. You have a lot riding on this phone and it is your trump card. It’s time to trumpet to the world – this is 41 million reasons to switch to Windows Phone and Nokia. Join us. We have cookies!

Now you just have to step up and say it. To everyone.


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