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LG G2 leaked manual reveals nano-SIM slot, no fingerprint scanner

by Jaime Rivera on

We’re just a couple of days away from LG’s official announcement of the phone they’ve already officially told us that exists. Yeah, we know that sounds odd, but with the way the world of mobile technology has behaved recently, by releasing a new product almost every week this summer, it’s clear that LG had to play their cards somehow in order to retain some buzz on their future flagship, the LG G2.

This time, the user manual of the device has been leaked, and there’s always that page that we all look forward to, where we get the full description of what surrounds the device. Lot’s of speculation has been around regarding some fingerprint scanning action to come to the G2, but as the manual suggests, this is apparently not built into the device, or at least not in a way that the manual describes. In the same fashion, following the trend starting by the iPhone 5 and now the Moto X, the LG G2 will include the nano-SIM standards, so keep that eBay SIM cutter handy for when your device arrives.

Not much else can be found yet, and do keep in mind that there could be many variants of the same device that could include a different manual, so don’t call these rumors something definitive.

Via: Engadget


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