How will you customize your Moto X? (Poll)


Despite all the leaks, and all we thought we knew about the Moto X, today’s reveal still managed to bring a few surprises. One of the most pleasant has been learning the full extent of the customization options available to shoppers, not only allowing them to set front, back, and accent colors, but (eventually) to choose from alternate materials, like the wood veneers Motorola showed off.

Still, not everything’s perfect: the issue about how these customizations will initially be AT&T exclusives is annoying, and the color selection doesn’t sample from all colors of the rainbow equally, leaving some gaps. It’s still a fantastic amount of choice, though, with 2,000-some combinations possible.

We already casually asked for your opinions on color choices a little earlier today, but this is so much more than just about colors: it’s about combinations. Right now, we’re curious about how you might put your own dream Moto X together.

Mixing It Up

complementart-color-moto-xAll the different pieces of the Moto X hardware to which you can assign colors empower shoppers to set up some complementary or contrasting color schemes for their phones. Maybe you want a red back, but with bright white accents, or a largely neutral-colored phone with a splash of color here and there.

While there are tons of possibilities, pairings like this sound like they’ll make for some of the most attention-getting, eye-popping Moto X options we’ll see. So long as you can find close-enough matches from Motorola’s palette, we imagine we’ll be noticing plenty of users outfitting their phones in the colors of their favorite sports team or alma matter.

Homogenous All The Way

single-color-moto-xWe’ve already seen some of you in comments objecting to all these multi-colored Moto X images Motorola’s been showing, and just want a simple, single-tone handset. If that’s your choice, Motorola is more than willing to help out, and selections that venture down this road, while still keeping the potential for bold, bright looks, are going to more closely resemble the sort of colored phone selection we’re used to from smartphones, at least from companies like Samsung.

Maybe the biggest decision in this neighborhood is going for a neutral tone, versus one that’s a little more colorful.

Waiting For Wood

wood-xIt’s unusual. Everyone’s got an opinion about it. And it’s actually happening: we’re getting those long-rumored wood options. We’ve seen four different wood choices Motorola’s cooked up, and while they won’t be among the options shoppers have initially, they’ll be arriving later this year.

Wood on phones makes a statement, one way or another. Maybe you’re just saying that you like to be different, or that you’ve got an interest in environmental issues. Maybe it just speaks to your taste. If you can live with a stranger coming up to you every ten minutes for the foreseeable future to ask incredulously, “are you talking on a wooden phone?” then by all means, this is the choice for you.

There are so many Moto X combinations that polling you for your opinion becomes a little tricky, so let’s try this: make your vote for the general nature of the look you want for your Moto X below, and drop some notes in the comments as to specific color combinations or anything along that line.


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