Pocketnow Weekly 054: you’ve got questions, we’ve got Lumia 1020s


To kick off this week’s podcast, a few apologies are in order. First, we’re sorry we were forced to push the Weekly further and further back until we were backed up against the cold, wet reality of a Friday afternoon – the Lumia 1020, new Nexus 7, HTC 8XT, and about forty other devices landed on our office doorsteps this week, and we’re dealing the best we can with the surge.

Second, we’re sorry we’re spending yet another week neglecting the listener-mail inbox. We didn’t anticipate today’s show running as long as it did (imagine that), so we didn’t build it into our planning. That very same absence of a concrete rundown also resulted in us taking some tweets on the fly, though, so it’s not all bad.

That’s enough apologizing. Because what we’ve got in store in the hour-and-a-half ahead is some awesome tech podcast discussion, ranging from the Lumia 1020 buying experience to its camera interface to just what it might mean for the future of Windows Phone and Nokia. Those musings are helped along by some of your spur-of-the-moment tweets, and seasoned just a tad by a quick diversion into new-Nexus 7 territory and a brief education by Taylor Martin on just what makes the Chromecast such a coveted tech toy these days.

All that, plus Adam Doud overcoming his techno-envy long enough to deliver some solid Windows Phone commentary, after the break. So click on in: like the Lumia 1020, today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast is smooth, beastly, and just the right amount of awkward. Send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Thanks for listening!


Pocketnow Weekly Episode 054


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The Nokia Lumia 1020: how it feels to be a launch-day buyer, thoughts on its camera and future, and your tweeted questions answered. Referencing the following pieces:

Nokia Lumia 1020 unboxing

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs HTC One

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Galaxy S 4

Thanks for listening!

Tune in next week for more!


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