How to remove all the bloatware from your Galaxy S 4


Depending on which version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 you have, its stock ROM takes up somewhere around 1.5 GB. Compare that to most Nexus devices which take up less than half that, and you can see why people like myself may want to remove some of the unnecessary “bloat” that Samsung and your carrier have decided to put on your phone. Lucky for you there’s a fairly easy way that you can remove all the bloatware from your Galaxy S 4!

What does it do?

The developer,  XDA Senior Member schoolsux, has created a script that will go through a list of apps and libraries that you might not want, and probably don’t need — and remove them. Running the script does a few things: it frees up space, it cleans up clutter, and it reportedly makes your device even faster than it already is!

From the developer:

“TrulyClean is a ‘any rom’ script that removes A LOT of crap-apps (98+ apps removed) and other stuff on the phone.

“Script will remove about 800mb since version 1.6 (Counted by removing from stock firmware.) The purpose is to give you a clean start with no extras, much like the Nexus series experience but with the Samsung core intact.

“All bloatware apps will be removed running the default script. I even count apps like S Voice and Samsung Hub as unnecessary apps. Neither do I use Earth or Google+ and don’t like these apps to be forced upon me as system apps when they are so easy to install from Play store!

“It might be illusion but… I found my phone booting faster and running snappier with after applying this script. Also, I don’t have to cry anymore while checking the apps in the /system folder. I hope this script will evolve over time and include more stuff that is “not needed” to give the best experience possible.” (SIC)

 The process is fairly easy

  1. Backup anything that you don’t want to lose before you start this process
  2. Assume the risk: if something goes wrong, you may damage your phone
  3. Root your Galaxy S 4
  4. Install a custom Recovery image (like TWRP or ClockworkMod)
  5. Use the default script (or edit the script after your taste) and copy it to your phone: download the script here
  6. Reboot into your custom recovery image (from step 4)
  7. For best experience do a full wipe (optional, but recommended)
  8. Flash the script that you downloaded in step 5
  9. Reboot (this boot will take longer than most, that’s normal)
  10. Enjoy!


  • The script only removes apps in /system, so you have to uninstall any updated apps manually
  • Re-flash from recovery after you flash a new ROM

For more information, check out the XDA thread:

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