Nokia Lumia 1020: the phone I’ve been waiting for


It was February 2012, MWC, in Barcelona, where I fell in love with the Nokia 808 PureView. It was love at first sight. The fact that I later fell in love with the look and feel of the phone made it even sweeter, but the camera technology just blew me away. Of course I had to review it, and I got my very own 808 PureView, which, ever since, accompanies me everywhere I go (where I might need to immortalize something with a set of high-quality images).

Those who are familiar with Symbian (now called Nokia) know that, if you’re coming from Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone, it’s a real pain sometimes. The keyboard isn’t one of the best, applications are… well, they are how they are, and the entire user experience is outdated. This, of course, compared to Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020

God, I love you so much it hurts!

That’s the main reason I kept on hoping and dreaming for that camera on a Windows Phone, and I voiced it every time I had the occasion, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, on the Live show, and even on the Podcast.

We were hoping to see it happen at MWC. It did not… I was hoping to see it in London and instead we got the Lumia 925, a great phone, by the way. Now, it’s finally happening, and it’s my next daily driver!

Nokia Lumia 1020

I love you too, but…

To me, the Nokia Lumia 1020, is the answer to all of my Nokia 808 PureView problems. I can finally replace Symbian (Nokia) with an modern OS that is fluid and fresh. I can finally have all (almost all) the applications that I need.

You know what else I can do now? I can leave my secondary, Android phone or iPhone, at home. I pretty much used the 808 PureView for capturing stills and videos, and the secondary phone for communications, and social. It was pretty much against the purpose of the 808, and I know I’ve been doing it a disservice, but I couldn’t put up with the pain.

Nokia Lumia 1020I’m not saying that the other high-end phones have bad cameras! On the contrary, I kept on saying, and I stick to it, that the camera on the Exynos version Galaxy S 4 that I use, is the best camera out there today, after the 808 PureView. The iPhone 5 is also a great camera. But (there’s always a but, and this time, it’s big, like 41-megapixel big) with the Nokia Lumia 1020, everything changes.

It’s not really all about the lossless zoom. If I come to think of it, I barely used the option on the 808 PureView. It’s the clarity, colors, and manual modes, in addition to the downsampling of images which makes the 808 a joy to use. And, from the looks of it, it’s going to be the same thing, with the Lumia 1020, this time, on Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020

You’ll always be on my Android sweetheart list

I always wanted to be able to shoot pictures in low light, with my 808, without a tripod. Don’t get me wrong, I continue to strongly believe that the 808 captures better low-light images than any other Lumia (920, 925, or 928). About the only problem is that, because of long exposure times, you need a tripod, and there’s no way you can snap decent, usable, low-light stills, while holding the phone in your hand. And I prayed for PureView stage one combined with PureView stage two to happen. It looks like my prayers have been answered!

The rest is just empty, filler talk! I was waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1020. Now it’s here, and I’m preparing my wallet!

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