Budget iPhone pictures and video allegedly leaked


The budget iPhone might or might not have been just leaked in these images after we’ve recently seen some stills of its purported, colorful, chassis — then reconstructed in some high-res renders. The images you’ll see above and below, as well as the video at the bottom, claim to depict the real deal.

Apple’s budget iPhone is rumored to be made out of plastic, and cheaper materials, overall. However, the report claims that the phone doesn’t feel cheap at all. We’ll let the pictures (and the video) do the talking. You can always hit the source link for more stills.

As for the device itself, port placement as well as the general design guidelines are matching those of the iPhone 5, including the new charging port, bottom mounted headphone jack, as well as the other buttons.

budget iPhone

Update: Our resident “all-things Apple” expert, Jaime Rivera, just chimed in on this in my Inbox. Mixed thoughts here, so we’re definitely looking forward to hearing yours. Here’s what Jaime thinks!

“This is not a leak, it’s clearly a Chinese phone that they’ve designed to look like the leaks and have it run Android. I even debated if it was a case for the 5 until I saw the end of the video. They’re promoting a Chinese phone at the end and they’re using the HTC Touch Diamond song in the background. They even give credits to the guy who fitted iPhone internals to the plastic chassis and that’s why both ends look black.

How do I know? Apple prints all prototypes with a model number bellow the word iPhone to keep track of them as they evolve. This one has no prints, just says iPhone”.

Source: Techdy

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