Stop &^!^^@& bleeping my &^!^^@& texts


The other day, I was using Windows Phone’s “Baby-Siri” to text a friend of mine after a frustrating experience. “Nevermind”, I said “Turns out the guy is a &^!^^@&”, only I didn’t say “&^!^^@&” I said…well, this is a family friendly site. But it sort of drove me nuts. I wasn’t just angry, I was ……&^!^^@&…..gar!

Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but listen up, phone. Stop &^!^^@& bleeping my &^!^^@& texts. If that &^!^^@& is coming out of of my &^!^^@& mouth, it better &^!^^@& go onto my &^!^^@& phone. If I want to &^!^^@& censor myself, I will &^!^^@& censor myself. I’ll say freakin’ or I’ll say fargin’, or if I’m in a playful bleeping_textmood I’ll say  frackin’.


Actually, no I won’t say frackin’, because I &^!^^@& hate  “frackin'”. And I thought Battlestar Galactica was a bunch of &^!^^@& for saying “fracking” instead of &^!^^@& even though everyone in the world knew what they meant.

But seriously, if the &^!^^@& moment calls for me to &^!^^@& swear like a &^!^^@& sailor, then that’s the &^!^^@& message I want to convey to whomever the &^!^^@& I’m texting. So knock it the &^!^^@& off!


So, in closing, I would just like to say that Microsoft, Google and anyone else that has similar safeguards in place, you don’t have to save me from myself. If I’m going to drop an F-bomb, that’s my call. If there are sensitive eyes on the other end of that message, then I will deal with them. Not you. So just leave my words the &^!^^@& alone!

*Mic drop*


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