Acer releasing Intel-powered Android “desktop” next week? (Nope)

Update: We’ve been contacted by Acer with the following statement: “Some resellers incorrectly showed this product as offering an Intel 4430 processor, when rather it comes with a Texas Instruments 4430 ARM chip.  This model is available now with a starting price of $399.99.

Just yesterday we were talking about the progress Intel’s making towards getting more and more Android devices using its processors. Not every device we’ve heard mention in regards to such Intel-Android pairings has been the traditional smartphone or tablet, and last month we heard talk about Intel chips showing up in Android-based devices with hardware more closely resembling a typical laptop. That’s sort of the same vein we’re in today, with news of Acer releasing a desktop “PC” running Android on an Intel chip.

Acer has confirmed plans to start selling its mouthful-of-a-model-name DA220HQL next week, running an Intel 3GHz Core i5 Haswell chip. It has a 21.5-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, and will sell for around $400.

With an unusual model like this, it’s no wonder there’s a bit of confusion over how to refer to it. We’re now seeing it presented as an “AIO Desktop” but earlier this year we spotted Acer calling it a “Smart Display,” since you can always use it as a normal monitor connected to an external computer.

Wait a minute, though – that Intel chip is one of its desktop CPUs. And we thought this model was going to run a dual-core TI OMAP 4428. CNET is very clear in its reporting, and claims to have confirmed this Intel business with Acer, but something’s a little off – we’ll update you if an explanation ever arrives.

Is there any room for a device like this in your home, or are you happy keeping Android a strictly mobile experience?

Update: CNET has finally admitted its goof – just like we thought, this baby runs a TI OMAP SoC. “Confirmed with Acer,” my foot.

Source: CNET
Via: Android Guys

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