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Additional smartphones and tablets confirmed for Verizon high-speed AWS LTE

by Stephen Schenck on

Yesterday we told you about Verizon’s efforts to start offering LTE service on its newly-acquired AWS spectrum space, with the first markets going live later this year. Like T-Mobile did for phones like the Note II when it switched-on its own LTE network, Verizon revealed plans to activate this AWS mode on specific handsets through a future firmware update, giving them access to higher-speed data. At the time, the only phone we knew would be getting such an update was Samsung’s Galaxy S 4. Today, we can expand that list a bit, and thankfully for once it’s a cross-platform affair.

Both the new Nokia Lumia 928 and the BlackBerry Q10 will eventually get their own AWS updates. Verizon also mentions AWS-enabling updates for two ten-inch Samsung tablets, and based on its current lineup, that almost certainly means the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Verizon is serious about AWS LTE going forward, and from here on out we should be seeing support baked-in to most (though not necessarily all) of its future smartphones.

Source: Laptop Mag
Via: Into Mobile

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