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Verizon CTIA event fails to deliver HTC One (but does have some JLo for us)

by Stephen Schenck on

Back in April, Verizon distributed invitations to an event taking place today, during the annual CTIA convention. At first, we were thinking the carrier might be planning to say something about its GS4 launch, but after learning about its accelerated timetable for the start of sales, that didn’t make sense anymore. We also thought about the Lumia 928, but that was already announced earlier this month. Lately, we’ve been wondering about the HTC One – was Verizon finally ready to elbow in on the Droid DNA’s space and give subscribers access to the One? The timing seemed right, but with Verizon’s press event now wrapped-up, no news about the One emerged. Instead, all we got was news of a new retail effort focused at Latino shoppers.

It’s called Viva Movil, and Jennifer Lopez took to the stage with Verizon execs to announce the project. Lopez is the brand’s Chief Creative Officer, and Viva Movil stores, armed with bilingual sales staff, will sell Verizon devices and service to the Latino community. The first one comes to New York next month, with more this year set for Los Angeles and Miami.

Sure, we didn’t get any of the hardware news we were hoping for, but Latinos represent a growing market for smartphone sales to target, so this is still good news for Verizon if it can snag more of that business.

Source: Android Central

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