Anton Thinks: The Mobile Future of Apple Doesn’t Depend On the iPhone This Year


…but rather on the future of iOS. If the past is any indication, we should see an iPhone 5S, an incremental spec-bump, just like the iPhone 4S. Regardless if that will be the case, or a completely new phone, the mobile future of Apple doesn’t really depend on the phone itself. No quad-core, 2GB of RAM, and 13MP camera with X number of lens, in addition to a fingerprint reader and maybe adopting NFC/wireless charging will stop the already ongoing decline.

It’s not about hardware anymore, looks, materials, or specs. iOS, just like Windows Phone, does an excellent job at offering an extremely fluid user experience with lower specifications (say, than Android). It’s not about speed, it’s not about cores or RAM, it’s not even about skeuomorphs, it’s about the damn grid of endless, static, icons on the home screen. It’s about eating the same hot-dog every day for a year in a food court filled with restaurants (I actually had another comparison in mind).

I’d be inclined to think that a new, sexy, sleek, and spec-packed phone running the same iOS would enjoy much less success and buzz than no phone at all — hence still the iPhone 5 — but, with a new version of the platform, which should bring a breath of fresh air.

Apple is still in a comfortable second spot marketshare-wise, leading by around 15 points, depending on which figures you believe, and luckily for the iPhone-maker, Windows Phone isn’t doing an exceptional job at converting frustrated Apple users. Android, on the other hand, is.

So, dear Apple, I say you focus all of your resources on the OS, or else you will be fighting for the third spot. Bring some life to iOS because, the way things currently stand, it is a lifeless platform in a world of updating widgets and flipping tiles.

…that, or we’ll have front row seats to the crumbling of your mobile empire. History books and Wikipedia will reserve a page though.


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