Paranoid Android Halo Hands-On (Video)


We’ve shown off the Paranoid Android Custom ROM before. This is the ROM that enables phone, phablet, and tablet mode regardless of whether you’re using a phone, phablet, or tablet — and you can change the way your device displays any app. Paranoid Android also includes a very functional Pie-shaped control and notification area that we’ve shown you as well.

Recent builds of Paranoid Android include a Halo-styled notification system. When a new notification comes in, it’s presented to you in a small circle that floats above whatever app you’re in. Once you’ve seen it, it slides out of the way until you dismiss it, or until it times out.

Paranoid Android Halo Notifications

The metaphor is great. It’s simple. It’s unobtrusive. The downside?  Only the latest notification was visible in the “halo”. Some surmised that displaying new notifications would result in a new halo either below, to the side, or stacked on top of the first halo. None of these were particularly elegant. The solution? Tap and hold the halo, then drag your finger around the screen to toggle between the notifications. Simple. Elegant. Useful.

Once you’ve selected the notification you want to see, simply press the halo again and you’re presented with the corresponding app in a floating window. From here you can quickly react to the notification (replying to an email, for example), then navigate back to the app that you were in previously — which you never really left.

This is especially helpful for social networking apps that may lose your place in their timeline when you navigate away and come back. It’s a little hard to do this feature justice with written words. Hit play and I’ll show you what you’re missing!

If you haven’t tried Paranoid Android in a while, here’s how to get started: Paranoid Android thread on XDA.

Oh, and if you were looking for that Michael Fisher Pebble watchface, here you go.

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