Nokia Patent For Adjustable Aperture Could Come To Their Next PureView Lumia


Nokia’s PureView technology has proven to be quite the standard to beat when it comes to smartphone cameras. Whether it’s the crazy amount of megapixels on the 808 PureView or the great low-light performance of the Nokia Lumia 920, this line of technology has proven to be quite successful among users and reviewers. Now with rumors of Nokia’s EOS line-up coming up, many of us have asked ourselves what could be next for PureView, or if these are actually the same going forward, and their probable next move has just been published.

Nokia has just filed a new patent that will allow your camera to adjust the aperture depending on your surroundings. According to Nokia:

“Small aperture with high f- number increases the sharpness of distant objects, or in other words increases depth-of-field, which means more elements of a picture, from foreground to background, become sharply focused. This can create a distinct sense of depth to a photograph, drawing the viewer into the picture. It is well-known that small apertures are used especially for most landscape photographs.

The large aperture produces shallow depth-of-field, which means the area of sharp focus in the picture will be small. It is well known that small apertures are used especially for isolating the subject of the picture while throwing the background and other distracting elements out of focus. Some useful applications of large apertures include portraits and wildlife close-ups.”

Sadly these patents are very new and it’s hard to expect them to arrive with their May product announcement, but given the fact that Apple didn’t file their original iPhone patents until after they revealed the phone, we still have room to dream. Here are some photos of the patent filed:


Via: Phone Arena

Source: NokiaPowerUser

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