Pocketnow Weekly, Galaxy S 4 Edition: Overhyped Gimmick, or Underrated Overachiever? (Podcast)


There are devices that deserve a modicum of coverage, and then there are devices that call for a maelstrom of coverage. Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, the most hotly anticipated Android smartphone of 2013 so far, easily falls into the latter category, and we have no qualms about devoting an entire podcast to discussing the latest Google-powered beast out of Seoul.

Tune in as Master Chief Stephen Schenck, Figurine Boatswain Taylor Martin, and Captain 2 Phones take you for an auditory tour of the high and low points of the Galaxy S 4, calling on the kind of strung-out expertise that only nine days straight of coffee-drinking can provide. We’ll discuss the S 4’s TouchWiz interface, the likelihood of Samsung ditching Android for Tizen, the absurdity of hyperglaze, the agony (and the ecstasy) of a $70 flip cover … and we’ll even throw in some debate on the merits of removable batteries and expandable storage, just because you asked nicely.

All that, plus the best Cleveland Brown impersonation you’ve ever heard in your life, await you – so strap on your eyepatch and straighten your ramrod; the H.M.S. Pocketnow Weekly has singled up her lines and stands ready to cast off. This nautical humor doing anything for ya? Let us know: send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Thanks for listening!

Pocketnow Weekly Episode 041



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Michael Fisher

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review

Galaxy S 4 or HTC One? Which is the Best?

Galaxy S 4 Guided Tour: Features, Gimmicks, and Everything in Between (Video)

Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One (Video)

Galaxy S 4 vs Galaxy Note II (Video)

Galaxy S 4 vs Galaxy S III (Video)

The S View Cover for the Galaxy S 4 is Flipping Awesome, Stupid Expensive (Video)

Is No Expandable Storage A Deal-Breaker?

Nokia Pixel Discussion (relating to SGS4 camera sensor size/shape)


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